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Even children are not receiving timely treatment in hospitals in Ireland: Reports

Dublin: There are reports that even children cannot be given timely treatment in hospitals in Ireland. According to the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, one in every twelve children who visit the hospital for various types of treatment is on a waiting list.

Prof. Rob Landers, president of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, stated that approximately 98,000 children are currently on the waiting list. A quarter of them have been on the waiting list for more than a year. The association points out that this should be added to the lack of consultants in hospitals. Approximately 85,000 children with serious illnesses are among those waiting for consultants in the OP.

He also mentioned that 266 children are on the waiting list for scoliosis-related surgeries, according to data from Dublin Children’s Hospital. According to the association, this represents a 9% increase.

Outpatient waiting lists include 614,225 patients, both adults and children. In September, it was 625,673. The number of inpatients also increased. The figure increased from 79,363 in September to 79,882 in October. 25,829 patients with suspected serious diseases like cancer are waiting for appointments for GI endoscopies.

The scheme was launched in February to reduce hospital waiting lists, but the Irish Hospital Consultants Association is concerned about the waiting list.

The government had hoped to reduce waiting lists by 18% by the end of the year, but figures show that the number of children on waiting lists has risen to 1,660 (2%) since January.

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