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Expert warns that Delta variant poses a greater threat to children than other COVID-19 variants

DUBLIN: Concerning warning that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is more dangerous to children than other variants.

An American research reveals that more children were admitted to paediatric intensive care units during the Delta wave, indicating that the Delta variant makes children sicker than previous variants.

The warning comes as Irish children prepare to return to school next month.

“Delta is very infectious but it is not substantially more severe. There is some data from the states that says it effects kids more – that kids get sicker with it,” said Anthony Staines, Professor of Public Health at DCU

“It has been noticed in the states but not everywhere, so we don’t really know. It is based on reports of people coming into paediatric ICUs, who were not coming into paediatric ICUs before,” he said.

However, Prof. Anthony Staines added that such a situation is not currently seen in Ireland.

He said that vaccines are really beneficial and that we will not see the true end of the pandemic until the whole world population is vaccinated.

Professor said: “It depends on the level of vaccination globally. The OECD did work about five months ago and they said what is the cost benefit of the rich countries just vaccinating everybody.

“Build vaccine plants and pump out the vaccine to everybody. It is hugely beneficial. It hasn’t been done.”

Several health experts have already voiced concern about an increase in delta variant cases when schools resume in September.

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