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FAA Initiates New Investigation into Boeing Following Reports of Falsified Aircraft Inspections

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated a new investigation into Boeing following reports of falsified aircraft inspections by some of its employees. Boeing disclosed to the FAA in April that certain 787 Dreamliner planes may not have undergone proper inspections after wing attachment to the fuselage.

The FAA stated that it is probing whether Boeing completed the required inspections and if employees falsified aircraft records. All 787 airplanes still in the production system are undergoing reinspection, and Boeing is required to devise a plan to address the in-service fleet.

Boeing’s 787 programme leader, Scott Stocker, acknowledged the issue in an email to employees, emphasising the importance of reporting irregularities and swiftly addressing them. Boeing took corrective action upon learning of the violations, notifying regulators promptly.

Concerns about the safety of 787 Dreamliner planes have been raised previously by a Boeing engineer, citing potential assembly issues. Boeing maintains that variations in component sources do not compromise the planes’ durability.

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