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Failure to accept the restructuring proposal could lead to a 60% reduction in the wages of DAA airport employees

Airport staff members who work for DAA, previously known as Dublin Airport Authority will see their salaries fall by 60% three-day week from September 26.

Chief Executive of DAA, Dalton Philips warned that such a situation could arise if they fails to accept the restructuring programme when it bows on proposals next week.

The restructuring, which the Dublin and Cork Airport operators could see between 700 and 900 employment lose, was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Philips said traffic at Dublin Airport was down 85% from last year earlier, while traffic through Cork was even worse, down 90%.

Suggestions have been recommended for acceptance in all 90% of the categories affected before the ballot.

The restructuring would see them operating in a different manner with less workers in the approved sections. Their pay will be kept at 80% of the “minimum” pre-Covid wages until January, Philips said.

However in areas where new methods of operation could not be adopted, they had too many people and not enough jobs. As a result, wages will have to be cut by 60%, Phillips said. Mr. Philips added that DAA wants to restore the pay 100% as soon as possible.

In further evidence of the collapse of aviation, load factors were reduced by 40% in Dublin and 30% in Cork.

Airport operators are concerned about long-haul traffic. Mr. Philips said that Qantas is talking about halting international traffic until next Easter and that there was uncertainty about when the United States would open.

He noted that, Covid restrictions have made it difficult to get inside and outside the country.

The DAA was trying hard for Covid-19 testing ahead of departure, Mr Philips said. So when people arrive in Ireland they can show test results at immigration and be allowed to move without quarantining.

He further said that whatever the outcome of the ballot, DAA would live with its consequences and move forward.

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