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First Minister Michelle O’Neill Advocates for United Ireland..

Belfast: Michelle O’Neill, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, has reiterated her belief in the imminent possibility of a united Ireland. Since assuming office, O’Neill has consistently highlighted this issue in various conferences and discussions, even sharing her vision for a united Ireland with the media during visits to her hometown of Clonoe in Tyrone.

As the leader of Sinn Féin, O’Neill views the current decade as presenting golden opportunities for the unification of Ireland. While acknowledging that such a significant transformation may not occur overnight, O’Neill emphasises the importance of sensibly planning for a united Ireland.

With a strong commitment to the principles of the Good Friday Agreement, O’Neill sees her role as First Minister as pivotal in shaping a better future for the country, one characterised by prosperity and hope for all its citizens. Addressing questions from the media about potentially being the last First Minister of Northern Ireland, O’Neill assures that any constitutional changes towards a united Ireland would include provisions for proper power-sharing.

Reflecting on the complexity of such discussions, O’Neill emphasises the need for maturity in navigating the path forward. She remains optimistic about the future but acknowledges the uncertainties that lie ahead, inviting contemplation on where the next decade may lead.

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