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Former employees of Debenhams occupy a store in Waterford

Former Debenhams employees occupy closed store at City Square Shopping Centre in Waterford City.

Protesters demanded that liquidators KPMG and Debenhams discuss with labor representatives how to use the online business as part of a company-approved redundancy package.

A thousand people lost their jobs as the company lay on the brink of closure. Since then, employees across the country have been protesting against the previously announced redundancy package since last April.

The company had four stores in Dublin and two stores in Cork, each with stores in Galway, Limerick, Newbridge, Tralee and Waterford.

Some Irish workers also have about 30 years of service in Debenhams.

At the same time, a former employee said that the offer made by KPMG was creating a million euro split between the employees and that it was insulting.

In recent weeks, the company has hired packers to collect old stock left over from stores and sell it online.

Workers say liquidators have been trying to remove stock from other stores in recent days. At the same time, protesters demanded that people not apply for this packer job for the company and not cross pickets to get the job done.

Michelle Gavin, a shop steward and former Debenhams employee, said the possession of the store was part of a peaceful protest.

Protesters demanded that store stewards from 11 stores and KPMG consult with them immediately to end the 172-day struggle of former Debenhams employees.

Protesters said they would not leave the store in Westford until KPMG continued talks with workers’ representatives.

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