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Garda dispersed DJ party enjoyed by Dublin youth in breach of Covid regulations

DUBLIN: In certain parts of Dublin, young people are partying in breach of the Covid Guidelines. In many parts of the capital, they are seen drinking and hiding out of Garda.

This lack of accountability has led to a surge in Covid rates in Dublin despite the imposition of third-level restrictions.

The party, which was attended by 60 people in the flat complex yesterday, was disbanded by the Garda.

The Covid-19 rate is the highest in the electoral district of southwest Dublin, including the Oliver Bond Street flats where the controversial meeting was held.

According to the Health Surveillance Protection Centre, between September 1 and 14, 69 Covid-19 cases were confirmed here. Out of one lakh people, 163 are virus infected here. This is three times the average of other parts of the country.

With a Level 3 restriction, only a maximum of 15 people are allowed to assemble outdoors in Dublin. But about 60 people attended the party yesterday, which was organised against the rules of social distance and social gathering.

Footage of the DJ party at the Oliver Bond Street flat in Dublin’s South Inner City was posted on social media. The video was of a DJ singing and dancing from the marquee on the grounds of the flat complex. The garda then arrived and asked the crowd to disperse.

The Garda revealed that youth parties from different parts of the city intervened on Saturday and Sunday to disperse. Garda’s intervention in most of the parties came as they shared with friends the joy of returning after a summer vacation.

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