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Garda intensified investigation to establish the death of Seema; Garda believes further pathology tests will clarify her death

DUBLIN: Following the results of last Friday’s postmortem, Garda has launched a murder investigation to find the real cause of death of the Indian family killed in Dublin. Although the post-mortem confirmed that the two children had been strangled to death, the cause of their mother’s death, Seema Banu, was not yet clear.

The Garda said the case has been more complicated as there is no definitive finding of the cause of the death of Ms. Banu. However, the investigation team said they hoped that further pathology tests will be planned to clarify the vital side of the case, leading to a breakthrough.

It was last Wednesday, Seema Banu (37) and her two children Asfira Riza (11) and Faizan Syed (6) were found dead at their home in Ballinteer. The bodies of the mother and children were found in a separate bedroom.

A ligature was found with the remains of Ms. Banu. Although postmortem has established this brought about her death, it is not yet clear how it happened or whether she was actually murdered.

Anyway, the Gardai have stepped up their investigation. The Gardai collect the mother and the children’s last known movements and contacts in their final days.

They’re seeking to establish the identity of each person they saw last week around their home in Balintier, after analysing footage taken from privately installed cameras and CCTV systems on local businesses and roads.

Their telephone, social media and messaging app activities were also reviewed in an attempt to establish when Seema Banu her children were last seen alive or contacted by family and friends.

The investigating team is likely to contact the family of Ms. Banu in India and also communicate to people in her social circle in Ireland in an attempt to learn more about her life in the days leading up to her death.

Meanwhile, Garda sources said that if the investigation team could not determine whether Ms. Banu was killed, the possibility that no one else was involved in the three deaths could never be ruled out.

However, the sources further said that a murder investigation into the death of her children may provide information, including forensic evidence that would give more clarity about their mother’s death.

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