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Gardai intensified its operation to ensure people comply with additional restrictions

DUBLIN: The Gardai has announced that there will be a number of static checkpoints on national roads and additional Garda patrols in scenic areas from 7 am today. At the same time, there will be no checkpoints on motorways.

This intensive policing operation is intended to ensure that people comply with the additional restrictions announced by the government yesterday.

For this, 70 trainees will be sworn in as full-time members and 60 reserve officers will be deployed. In addition, the force has announced that it will deploy a more uniform office-based gardaí to frontline duties.

The Gardai warned people not to leave the house, except for essentials reasons, which is an offence.

At the same time, Gardai noted that travel restrictions do not apply to those who escape domestic violence or escape harm.

Deputy Commissioner John Twomey commented that as the Garda continues to engage, encourage, and teach people, it will place more emphasis on enforcement in cases where people are thought to be violating regulations.

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