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Gardaí warns about online scams in the upcoming Christmas season

Now a days people are much more comfortable in buying things online. In the wake of Covid, people feels sitting home and ordering things online is a safe method.

Gardaí now warns people to be extra vigilant and careful while ordering things online, because there are high chances of getting tricked.

Garda has come out with a warning against online scams in the upcoming Christmas season as online shopping is rampant during the Covid era.

The Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) has warned people to be careful when handing out personal information and money.

Garda says consumers need to be extra vigilant as there is likely to be a huge increase in online shopping and parcel deliveries during the Christmas season.

Never click on unwanted emails or text messages. Garda says personal information such as PINs, card numbers and passwords should not be given to others and should not be used to respond to emails or messages requesting such information.

If such messages or e-mail messages are received, they should be deleted after taking a screenshot and immediately reported to the nearest Garda station. It also warns people to be wary of unknown phone calls.

Meanwhile, Garda has provided some other advice to protect the finances and bank accounts of Irish customers.

Use only secure websites. Prior to shopping, the site’s privacy policy, refund policy, contact information and payment methods should be checked properly. Do not transfer money to buy goods through unsafe sites. And so on.

The Garda urges people to use sites that display the padlock next to their website address and that such sites are safe.

At the same time, those who use public WiFi for online shopping should be careful. Garda says such people need access to the required 3G and 4G services on their phones and are more likely to be scammed by using public Wi-Fi.

At the same time, instead of believing in the pop-up messages you see on social media and clicking on them, you should visit the websites of online sales companies separately.

GNECB warns that people should be wary of attractive offers and that such offers could deceive people.

For safe online shopping, visit only well-known or familiar websites or take advantage of the online services of retail outlets.

At the same time, Garda warns people to beware of possible scams in the name of charity at Christmas.

The authenticity of those requesting donations for the charity should be verified. Garda said documents such as ID cards and collection permits should be checked and donations should not be made if in doubt.

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