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Google has pulled out of the city’s largest real estate project in recent years

“After much deliberation”, Google backtracked, skipping one of Dublin’s largest real estate deals in recent years.

The American multinational technology company had negotiations to rent 202,000 square feet of space in the sorting office.

The tech giant did not disclose the reason behind their withdrawal from its plan to rent space in the city to 2,000 workers. However, it is suspected that such a decision was made because investors are considering the impact of the corona virus outbreak in the city.

“After much deliberation, Google has decided not to proceed,” said the company’s spokesperson in an email reply to Bloomberg‘s queries.

Google is a dominant player in Dublin’s real estate market, hiring thousands of employees and renting offices across the city’s so-called Silicon Docks.

Firms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google brought the nation back after its real estate collapse, while overseas cash flowed to help construct offices and apartments.

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