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Google Terminates 28 Employees Amidst Protests Over ‘Israel Contract’

Dublin: Google fired 28 employees who took an anti-Israel stance. The company took action against those who sat in the office to protest the cloud agreement with Israel. The company confirmed that the employees were fired.

The workers were fired after an investigation found protests inside Google’s offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California. In Sunnyvale, protesters entered the office of Google Cloud CEO an Indian, Thomas Kurian, protesting under the name No Tech for Apartheid.

Protesters held banners reading “No more genocide for profit” and “We stand with Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslim Googlers”.

The company found that the strike was backed by a group of outside organisations and people who did not work much for the company.

Google signed a $1.2 billion contract to provide custom tools to the Israeli military. The employees protested against this in the context of the Gaza operation. The employees then staged a sit-in at the company’s offices in California and New York.

Will the war intensify, Israel will retaliate against Iran

Israel retaliated against Iran. Israel launched a missile attack on the Iranian city of Isfahan early today. It is reported that there was a violent explosion. Air traffic in major Iranian cities has been suspended following the missile attack.

The country is on high alert. With this, the impression that war is imminent between Iran and Israel has gained strength. The current Iran-Israel crisis began when an airstrike took place on the Iranian Consulate Annex in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Iran accused the Israeli army of attacking a meeting between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the elite of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

After the lightning strike killed 16 people, including IRGC’s Quds Commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Senior Commander Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, Iran said it would retaliate. Iran then attacked Israel with ballistic missiles and drones. Israel warned that there would be heavy retaliation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is ready to face the attack.

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