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Government Faces Revolt Over Delay of Immigration White Paper, Blame Shifts to Green Party

Dublin: Allegations have arisen regarding the closure of the Department of Integration amid the government’s pursuit of solutions to immigration-related challenges outlined in the white paper. The Cabinet has been awaiting a practical emigration plan for several months, expressing dissatisfaction with the slow progress led by Green Party Minister Roderic O’Gorman. Concerns loom among all major party leaders regarding the potential electoral ramifications should this issue remain unresolved amidst impending elections.

Despite assurances from the Minister of Integration that a comprehensive emigration plan would be presented to the cabinet early last month, preliminary proposals put forth by the minister were rejected by the government. Consequently, progress on the white paper has stalled, prompting government advisement for the minister to refine proposals through diligent preparation.

Cabinet sources have directed the minister to initiate the establishment of government reception centres for male refugees.

Criticism has been leveled against the minister, notably during a recent Dáil debate where Fine Gael TD Fergus O’Dowd admonished O’Gorman’s handling of the situation. Criticisms encompassed accusations of policy inadequacies and lack of effective communication, with specific reference to a controversial proposal to accommodate 500 Ukrainian refugees at Drogheda’s D Hotel, inciting local opposition and exploitation by far-right entities.

Fianna Fail leaders have also expressed dismay, viewing the minister’s actions as detrimental to the government’s initiatives, including those pertaining to direct provision, Tusla, and mother-and-daughter schemes. Concerns persist that failure to address these issues could lead to electoral setbacks, with potential repercussions for the government’s coalition with the Green Party.

Acknowledging the significance of the situation, Dublin South West TD John Lahart has been tasked with formulating a party policy aimed at resolving these pressing challenges.

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