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Government targets 25% emission reduction in agriculture sector

DUBLIN: Government measures to reduce carbon emissions are reaching all sectors of Ireland. This comes after the government decided to set a cap on greenhouse emissions for each sector of the Irish economy by the end of 2030.

The new climate plans were announced by Minister Martin Heydon, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue, Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan and Minister of State for Biodiversity Pippa Hackett.

Accordingly, the government announces a target of reducing emission by 25% in the agricultural sector. The government has also announced special financial incentives for farmers in the 2023 budget.

Other sectors, including electricity, transport, buildings and industry, were also asked to reduce emissions by 2030. The electricity sector is expected to cut emissions by 75%, while transport will have to cut emissions by 50%. Industry – 35%, commercial and public buildings – 45%, residential buildings – 40%.

The government also has a plan to increase traditional energy production including solar. The plan is to more than double solar generation (5,500 MW). Offshore wind (from 5,000 MW to 7,000 MW) and green hydrogen (2,000 MW). The government is also offering additional resources for scaling up agroforestry and anaerobic digestion.

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