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Government to make abortion law more simple… Catholic Church with an anti-abortion campaign

Dublin: As the fifth anniversary of the legalisation of abortion approaches, the Catholic Church is rallying against the government. Believing that the law will be repealed soon, the church leadership is attempting to raise awareness and resistance to it through social media and offline means. As part of this, prayer ceremonies and propaganda against the law will be conducted at the temples.

Simultaneously, the government and the Department of Health are discussing ways to remove barriers to better abortion services. The government is reviewing the World Health Organisation’s and other organisations’ recommendations. Meanwhile, the church is spreading the word that the abortion law will be repealed in due course.

The church intends to use social media to campaign against the abortion law, including images of babies and religious leaders’ concerns. The Church reminds us that all human beings, at all stages of life, have the right to life. More than 28,000 abortions were performed in Ireland between 2019 and the end of last year. The church wonders why the government isn’t looking into why there are so many feticides. The government is condemning abortion in the name of health care. The church says this is a misuse of language.

Since the vote, the government has even introduced new standards based on World Health Organisation guidelines, ending the mandatory three-day wait before abortion, establishing more safe access zones, and eliminating prosecution for abortions.

It is also recommended that Ireland’s 12-week abortion limit be removed. The guidelines also state that women can make their own decision regarding the three-day waiting period.

The National Women’s Council of Ireland slammed the church’s move. The church has the authority to counsel the faithful on abortion. However, the council emphasised that the law allowing abortion in Ireland was enacted with the support of more than 66 percent of those who voted in the 2018 referendum.

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