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Have you experienced workplace discrimination in Ireland?

Dublin: Have you experienced any form of discrimination in your workplace in Ireland? The answer for most migrant workers would be yes.

According to a new study, the majority of workers in Ireland have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination.

In Matrix Recruitment’s 2023 Workplace Equality Survey, 20% of respondents said they had personally experienced workplace discrimination, while 32% said they had witnessed it.

One in every five people said they had both witnessed and experienced workplace discrimination.

According to the survey, the most common types of inequality are pay disparities, age discrimination, and gender discrimination.

The survey discovered workplace discrimination on the basis of disability, nationality, and membership in the traveller community.

The survey in 2023 addresses a variety of issues, including discrimination, racism, workplace bullying, and the gender pay gap.

It was also noteworthy that 44% of respondents had experienced discrimination from a colleague of the opposite sex who had the same role or responsibility as them and was paid more.

‘The significant number of respondents reporting “pay inequality” in the same roles as a foreign or disabled colleague of the opposite sex earning the same salary is very concerning,’ said Breda Dooley of Matrix Recruitment.

“It is past time for everyone to step up and ensure that all workplaces, regardless of gender, value equality and fairness,” she said.

‘However, it is encouraging to see an increase in the number of individuals who are willing to take issue with their bosses, indicating a growing desire for change,’ the survey analysis says.

Symbolism and reconciliation possibilities
As immigrants, we must exercise caution when dealing with workplace discrimination. There is nothing wrong with politely informing the person who caused it that they are being discriminated against. Rather than complaining, such private and confidential disclosures can open up avenues for accurate awareness for the person being discriminated against. Disclosures and polite warnings may provide an opportunity for reconciliation or prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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