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Health experts suggest to reduce liquor sales time in stores to prevent house parties

Irish health experts have called for restrictions on the sale of alcohol to control house parties.

It is proposed to reduce the sale of liquor by restricting the time from 9 am to 11 am every day.

This move aims to discourage house parties at cities, where student population is higher. Considering the present situation thigs like house parties should be controlled to limit the Covid-19 spread.

Dr. Chris Luke, Cork’s emergency medicine consultant said that liquor should only be sold between 9am and 11am in the wake of Covid being severely affected across the country.

He also says that bars and liquor stores near universities or student residences should not be opened late at night.

He made it clear that he was concerned about house parties and crowds near the Spanish Arch or Patrick’s Street and therefore should close pubs in the area.

At the same time, several ministers have raised the need of reducing liquor sales time to discourage house parties in the student sector.

The proposal was first made by Social Welfare Minister Heather Humphreys and later backed by Justice Minister Helen McEntee and Minister of State for Roads Hildegarde Naughton.

At the same time, Minister Patrick O’Donovan called on the government to check the opening hours of bars and the amount of alcohol served to individuals.

The ministers said they hoped people would flock to pubs and restaurants as house parties come under control and this will boost business.

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