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Health Minister announced a new online service for Irish frontline workers

DUBLIN: Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has announced a new mental health service for frontline workers in Ireland. The minister said the service is for anyone at the forefront, from healthcare professionals to retailers from teachers to tradespeople.

The service provided by Turn2me, an online e-mental health care platform, is supported by trained volunteers for each session with the assistance of a mental health professional. This new tool is an instant chat service.

There are 20 groups available per week and there are work-specific groups available. There are also groups based on shared issues such as stress, burnout and how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Groups are scheduled at different times in the day throughout the week to accommodate shift workers, and participants can remain anonymous when online.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said that: “It has been a difficult year for everyone across the country, but especially for our frontline workers. While the majority of people were asked to stay at home, our frontline workers went to work.

He added that this online professional mental health service from turn2me is very important to our health care workers who have worked selflessly to take care of their patients at the risk of their own health.

Demand for Turn2me services increased significantly (386%) at the peak of the pandemic earlier this year.

“There’s a large evidence base that peer support, like the service we’re launching for frontline workers, is effective and that it can also act as a helpful gateway for people who haven’t reached out for help before. If you’ve been struggling in any way, please know that you are not alone and that talking will help,” said Brian Holohan, clinical manager at turn2me.

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