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Heart and respiratory rate can now be known through a smartphone camera

Google is giving users the opportunity to know their heart and respiratory rate using the phone camera. This feature will be supported with the help of ‘Google Fit’ application. Google has stated that this feature will be available to users within a month.

Pixel owners can check their respiratory health by placing the handset on a stable surface and breathing normally in front of the camera.

The heart rate can be scanned by placing your finger on the rear-facing camera lens. Subtle changes in blood circulation can also be detected with the fingertips. Google said sensors and advanced computer vision technology can detect small physical signals, such as chest movements.

The system to test both of these measurements will be included in the Google Fit app for pixel users from next month. Google has revealed that it has plans to further expand such Android devices in the future.

However, Google has made it clear that this will not work as a medical diagnostic tool. These features are also insufficient to assess medical conditions. But the company explained that it only helps to make people aware of their health and wellness.

Shwetak Patel, director of health technologies at Google Health, said the idea behind the new reform was to give people the opportunity to monitor their health using everyday devices.

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