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Heatwave Scorches Europe: Verona as a new age. Local governments ban barbecues and fireworks

Brussels: Unseasonable heat is causing concern across Europe. In the last month, the temperature in Spain has risen above 30 degrees Celsius. While tourists have been delighted, nature lovers have been perplexed by the environmental change. According to environmentalists, this is a sign of accelerating climate change. Temperatures are still rising in regions from Spain to Sweden.

Neighboring France also had a warmer-than-usual October. Further north, Sweden is also warming. According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, the southern city of Kristianstad set a record high temperature of 19.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature ever recorded in Sweden. As summer heatwaves become more common in southwestern France, wildfires and widespread damage make the news.

The temperature in Brussels reached 24 degrees as well. This is ten degrees higher than usual. According to the World Meteorological Organization, temperatures in the United Kingdom, Germany, and large parts of Europe and North Africa are unusually warm.

Ruben del Campo of the weather station Emmett said it was Spain’s hottest October since 1961. It could be the warmest October in Spain in a century. Temperatures could reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit for a day or two as autumn approaches. They do, however, believe that the rising temperature for so many days is not a good sign.

It even reached 30.3 degrees Celsius in the northern resort of San Sebastian yesterday morning. Barbecues and fireworks have been banned in the Basque region due to wildfires. Environmentalists are concerned that the change will accelerate desertification in Spain, which began only a decade ago.

Last year, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Zaragoza in Spain were among the top ten European cities most affected by global warming.

They claim that the water level in the reservoirs will gradually drop, which will harm the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. According to observers, water levels in Spain’s Niche reservoir fell to 31.8% of capacity last week, well below the decade’s average (49.3%). This atmospheric change also brought the new word “Verona” into the Spanish weather lexicon. The word is a combination of Verano (summer) and otono (autumn).

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