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High amount of methanol, Government recalled hand sanitisers

The Irish government banned the use of sanitisers after they were found to be adulterated.

Frequent use of sanitiser has been found to cause dermatitis, itchy eyes, respiratory problems and headaches.

Virapro Hand Sanitiser (PCS 100409) was banned by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine following the discovery of public health problems. It is also recommended to stop using this sanitizer immediately.

The product was found to contain more methanol than ethanol. Therefore, the government instructed the company to immediately stop selling these and recall those in the market.

Virapro is one of the sanitisers distributed by the Department of Education to schools. Therefore, the government has instructed schools to immediately inspect their sanitisers and not to use them if they have any of the mentioned item in stocks.

Schools that have used the company’s sanitiser are also advised to set up sanitiser replacement facilities and set up maximum hand washing centers.

It is also suggested that schools to be closed completely for one day if necessary as part of the sanitiser change. As a result, some schools across the country may be temporarily closed today.

Authorities have found that the company’s sanitiser is used only in some schools.

At the same time, those who find it difficult to replace hand sanitisers in schools should contact the government’s Covid helpline. The department said additional funds would be made available to schools to replace sanitisers.

The Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation regarding the sanitiser issue.

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