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Hollywood screenwriter Yadu Krishnan Joins with The Great Khali for a new project

India is the largest producer of world cinema in a year. Bollywood is leading in the number of movies.

Hollywood screenwriter Yadu Krishnan is all set to make a strong presence in the Hindi film world.

Yadu Krishnan, the screenwriter of the Hollywood film Escape from Blackwater, has officially signed world famous wrestler and actor Dilip Singh Rana for his first directorial venture. Many people do not know him as Dilip Singh, but everyone knows him as The Great Khali.

Even while working as a Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy, Yadu kept in mind his love of becoming a filmmaker. While studying in Mumbai, Yadu started writing stories for various advertisements and friends’ art events. Gradually grew to short films and films.

Yadu’s popular short film ‘Choice’ has won awards at various national and international festivals, and Yadu has been paying for the education of a child for the past two years in keeping with the motto of the Bioscope Global Film Festival, ‘Chalo Patayen Bachom Ko’.

Yadu’s film with The Great Kali is a new experience for Bollywood fans and a new awakening storyline for action movie fans. Khali, who is very selective about his films, whether they are in Hollywood or Bollywood, agreed to do the film as soon as he knew the story and background of Yadu’s film.

With this one film, Yadu will open a huge door to the international market for Indian action films. Yadu also aims to bring recognition to the best Bollywood actors in world cinema through his writings.

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