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Horizon Europe with innovations in the development horizons of various sectors of Europe; Ireland receives around one billion euros

DUBLIN: Horizon Europe with innovations in the development horizons of different sectors of Europe. It is the largest and most innovative research and investment project in the history of the European Union. The €95 billion multipurpose plan will run until 2027.

Inaugurated by EU Commissioner Mariya Ivanova Gabriel, Horizon covers a wide range of topics, including innovation, research, culture, education and science. Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said Horizon Europe will help researchers, scientists and innovators to fully reclaim the green and digital sector.

The project is being implemented in Ireland by the Department of Higher Education. The project has three key components: Science of Excellence, Global Challenges, European Industrial Competition and Innovation. The previous program, Horizon 2020, had raised more than €1 billion for Ireland for research and innovation.

Simon Harris says science and research are of paramount importance

Minister Simon Harris said science and research are of paramount importance in these days of the global COVID-19 Pandemic. The project is being launched to conduct research across Europe in order to better prepare society and the economy for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

The €95 billion project includes research on cancer, climate neutrals, smart cities, climate change and social change.

The event will focus on Irish innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs. The Minister added that they want to fulfill their research and innovation aspirations, grow companies and promote green recovery.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland coordinates Horizon’s national network for Europe. Garrett Murray, national director of Horizon Europe in Enterprise Ireland, said the grant agreements, which are part of the Horizon 2020 program, include 2,700 Irish companies.

Mr. Murray requested that national contact points in Enterprise Ireland and Horizon Europe be contacted for information, funding, advice, and expert assistance in assessing opportunities. He said the fact that more than 2,000 people had registered for the event was an exciting start to Ireland’s Horizon Europe journey.

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