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Signs that cyber-attack also impacted vaccination process, as HSE receives very incomplete vaccination data

DUBLIN: The cyber-attack on HSE a week ago impacted almost all health services in Ireland, except for vaccinations and the COVID-19 test. The national vaccination program continued at numerous locations, despite the cessation of scanning services and outpatient appointments at several hospitals across the country. But now there are indications that the cyber-attack is affecting the vaccination process as well.

The Health Service Executive has said that it is receiving very incomplete vaccination data following the ransomware attack. The HSE says it is receiving vaccination centre numbers, but not significant GP data. Vaccination is taking place in the country but the publication of detailed daily vaccination progress has been put on hold since the cyber-attack.

Meanwhile, Brian MacCraith, the head of the COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force, tweeted yesterday evening that 2.5 million doses of the vaccine had been administered in Ireland.

Next vaccine registration is for 40-44 year olds

The registration for COVID-19 vaccination is currently open to people between the ages of 45 and 49. The next age group for registration is 40-44 years old and the announcement of when the registration will open for them is expected later this week. People in this age group are likely to receive a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Meanwhile, the HSE plans to administer 300,000 vaccine doses this week.

365 new COVID-19 cases

Health officials said yesterday that 365 new COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in Ireland. The Department of Health also said that daily case numbers may alter due to future data validation.

Data on the number of people who have died from COVID-19, as well as case numbers by county, have not been published since the cyber-attack. The number of people receiving intensive care for the infection has decreased by three to 41.

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