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HSE says only 220 Indians in Ireland has been confirmed with Covid-19

The Department of Health has released the number of foreigners who have been diagnosed with the disease as the spread of Covid in the country continues to be high.

It is estimated that Covid has so far confirmed only 220 Indians in Ireland. At the same time, the numbers may vary.

Many Indians with Irish citizenship are not included in this figure. If such figures are included, the number of Indians may exceed one thousand.

Brazilians are the most affected foreigners in the country, with 397 Brazilians diagnosed with the disease. It is followed by Nigerians (300), British (241) and Moldovan (233).

The Center for Health Protection (HPSC) has said that the number of foreigners confirmed by Covid in the country is not complete and the current figures are based on the country of birth of the patients.

A total of 229 Poles, 218 Romanians, 162 Lithuanians, 134 Filipinos and 66 Congolese were infected in Ireland. These figures are based on data from March to October.

Meanwhile, HPSC reports that 119 people in the Roma community in Ireland have been diagnosed with the disease and five of whom have died.

Covid affected 314 people in direct provision centers, but less than five refugees died.

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