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IATA plans to distribute Covid Vaccines all over the world with 8000 Jumbo Jets

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says the global distribution of Covid vaccine will be the largest venture in the history of aviation.

The association also said that this mega project requires about 8,000 Boeing 747s.

Although an effective vaccine against Covid-19 is not yet available, IATA has begun work with airlines, airports, global health organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to distribute it. Preliminary work is started in the ratio of one dose of vaccine per person.

Alexandre de Juniak, chief executive of IATA said that safe delivery of Covid vaccine is the biggest mission of aviation transport in this century, and it requires careful planning.

He believes that this is the right time to start the necessary preparations.

All the airlines are exploring the possibility of carrying the vaccine on passenger planes, but the problem they face is with regarding the setting up of the right temperature for the vaccine.

The vaccine is usually stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degree Celsius and some vaccines require even lower temperature than this.

In addition, flights to Northeast Asian countries are difficult. Glyn Hughes, head of IATA’s cargo division, said the vaccine distribution across Africa was also difficult.

He said the storage and distribution of the vaccine would be on a wartime basis. IATA has asked the world community to plan a precise plan for the distribution of the vaccine.

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