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In Ireland, anyone can claim to be a psychologist, fakers abound……

Dublin: A season of shams in Ireland’s psychiatry. The story of a woman who got a job as a consultant psychologist for the HSE using forged credentials, including a doctorate, is now making headlines. Evidence has also emerged that they are still posing as psychologists in the country despite having been found unfit and expelled. However, the claim that neither the government nor the HSE is interested in taking legal action is overstated.

According to experts, such an incident demonstrates the vulnerability of the country’s psychological sector.
It is claimed that since 1980, a lack of regulation has resulted in the emergence of counterfeiters.

CORU was founded in 2007 to regulate psychology-related fields. However, there are not enough psychologists available to meet the demand. That is the reason for the proliferation of such fakes.

Caroline Goldsmith, a ‘psychologist,’ took advantage of her background and landed a job at the HSE in 2012. Their credentials included a Master’s degree and a PhD in clinical psychology. According to current information, she did not even have a degree. There is also a doubt from some quarters that she has studied at the second level.

For two months, she conducted 19 diagnostic assessments of autism in children for the HSE. With that, doubts arose about her qualifications. This raised a lot of concern among parents and kids. All of these children had to be re-evaluated. The recruitment agency cancelled their contract with her in September 2012 due to suspicion. Despite being convinced that they are fake, neither the government nor the HSE have taken any action.

Two doctorates in 17 days.

She claimed in her CV that she obtained a PG from Nottingham University in 2000. The investigation revealed that the University of Nottingham was completely unaware of it. Later, the Open University was contacted, but no record of such a person receiving a degree was found. Goldsmith’s PhD documents were fake, according to the Union Institute and the University.

She had two doctorates. Both were from American universities. Within 17 days, she received both doctorates from the Sheffield State Online University and the Union Institute. Those who sought the truth received doctorates just hours after paying. All the tests were conducted by a ten-member committee that awarded the doctorate for the unawarded thesis.

Also membership in PSI.

Goldsmith had joined the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) months before joining the HSE, using the same bogus credentials. PSI is a voluntary professional body for psychologists.

She also presented at HSE with phoney degrees from the Open University, Nottingham University, and Union Institute.

She is still a brilliant psychologist.

She is still employed as a psychologist, with the same credentials, in a private clinic. Her website describes her as a ‘world-renowned authority in the field of autism.’ As a clinical neuropsychologist, she also treats children with autism.

Her website now states that she holds a Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London as well as a Masters of Clinical Applications of Psychology from Newman University. Except for one post on his Instagram account, there is no evidence of a PhD. The website says she has treated thousands of children and many adults over the years.

Anyone can be a psychologist.

Anyone can become a psychologist under the country’s current laws. In the private sector, there is no separate registry for psychologists. Caroline Goldsmith’s appointment to such a critical position at the HSE with such a questionable resume remains a mystery.

In other areas too.

Complaints are also being raised about the qualifications of many people, including those who have obtained jobs with fake certificates of IELTS, OET, etc. What is helping them now is that the authorities have adopted the method of checking only if someone complains. However, various departments have indicated that there will be more strict checks in the first stage.

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