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Incorrect COVID-19 vaccine mixture administered to a number of people at Aviva Vaccination Centre

The Health Service Executive has acknowledged that a number of people were given an incorrect mixture of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine earlier this month.

HSE CEO Paul Reid said that people who received the Pfizer vaccine from the Aviva vaccination centre received an incorrect formulation in their dose where distilled water was used as saline solution.

Mr. Reid said the mistake happened only at the Aviva vaccination centre and affected a small number of people. Meanwhile, the Times Ireland edition reported that 126 people were affected by the incorrect mixture.

According to an HSE statement, the incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, 6th July. Vaccinations at the centre were temporarily paused to fix the issue but service was soon resumed.

The individuals in concern will need to be re-vaccinated as a precaution, and the HSE has contacted them to schedule appointments.

HSE National Director Covid Vaccination Programme lead Damien McCallion said “it was a one-off issue in that centre”.

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