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India will soon get another aircraft restaurant

An ex-Air India A320 was reportedly observed being transferred to Hyderabad in South India, indicating that India may soon have another aeroplane restaurant. The truck transporting the aeroplane draws a large audience wherever it goes on its journey to Hyderabad, where the building will ultimately become one of many similar restaurants opening around the country.

The plane was originally owned by Air India and was purchased at auction by a restaurant owner in Hyderabad. The aircraft’s voyage via South Indian states to Hyderabad is scheduled to take several weeks, after which it will be converted into a restaurant.

This isn’t the first time an Air India plane has been given a fresh lease of life after retirement. In 2012, a Delhi-based scrap trader paid about $24,000 for an A320 fuselage from Air India in order to transform it into a museum dedicated to the Indian spiritual guru Sai Baba.

Another old Air India plane was acquired by a Bengaluru-based firm that specialises in converting aeroplane scrap into theme restaurants.
In reality, aircraft restaurants have recently gained popularity in India. According to moneycontrol.com, numerous aeroplane fuselages are in high demand, particularly in northern India, where they are rapidly being turned into restaurants. Rajasthan has two Boeing 737s that have been transformed into restaurants, whereas Haryana has a few A320s.
Another A320 has been turned into a magnificent office space at the Serum Institute of India in Pune, India’s major vaccine manufacturer. Its owner, Adar Poonawalla, spent over $1 million to transform it into a workstation with a lounge, boardroom, and even a bedroom.

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