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Indian nurses can apply for registration in Ireland as soon as they pass the course; NMBI rules amended

DUBLIN: Indian nurses can now register and work in Ireland as soon as they complete the nursing course, if they have the required score in the IELTS or OET exam.

The Irish Nursing Board has repealed the requirement to have at least one year of experience in the five years prior to applying to be eligible for a nursing job in Ireland.

The NMBI has made a significant decision to refrain from submitting evidence of having completed 12 months of training in the last five years and proof of active registration in another country.

The new decision applies to all G3 category applicants from foreign countries outside Europe. But it will be more beneficial for those who are not registered with any regulatory body. If the applicant is registered elsewhere, CCPS (Professional Certificate) should be submitted with the application.

For those who have come to Ireland to do post-graduation without a specific English language qualification, or for those who have arrived in Ireland on a spouse visa without obtaining a nursing registration, it will now be easier to register by completing the IELTS and OET.

Candidates will have to pay an application fee of €350. After updating the NMBI site, one can apply for registration through MyNMBI. NMBI will later announce the date on which applications will be accepted online.

Visit the NMBI website for more information


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