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Indian youths in Ireland are among those who have lost money in fraudulent marriages; many are migrating to escape from investigation

Dublin: It’s now disclosed that Almost 300 immigrants which includes infiltrators from the Briton and the people from the Bangladesh and Pakistan who came to Ireland on study visa, are facing deportation for allegedly misusing the European marriage law.

There are reports that many Indians, who were ready for sham marriage, left Ireland in advance for fear of action. A sham marriage or fake marriage is a marriage of convenience entered into without intending to create a real marital relationship.

One-third of Dublin’s foreign taxi drivers from these countries are under suspicion. Only on the days when Ed Sheeran’s concert was held in Dublin, the Garda conducted special inspections for foreign drivers as part of Operation Vintage.

The garda found that 26 of the 110 drivers involved in the raids were found to be illegal drivers and involved in a fake marriage racket.

Authorities in Ireland say the number of people cheating is on the rise, even after strengthening the amendments to marriage registration.

There is an uncontrolled increase in the misuse of the European marriage law as most of these people involving in fake marriages consider it as a license to live permanently in Ireland.

Meanwhile, officials say that many Indians are also involved in sham marriage. Most of these people are getting married without the knowledge of their families, they are doing this only as part of their stay in Ireland. It is said that in Dublin alone, there were many Indians who got married to people of European descent for money.

 When an Indian was recently arrested in connection with a regular robbery of money from a shop, it was found that the reason for the theft was that he had spent the money for ‘Sham Marriage’.

It is also said that some of those who dared to have fake marriages were deceived by the mediating Pakistanis. After the arrest of a prominent Pakistani swindler, about 10 Indian students had to flee the country for fear of further investigation.

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