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India’s leading manufacturer has announced a long-term partnership with Shannon-based company

Borana Pumps, one of India’s leading manufacturer of submersible and solar pumps, enters the Irish, UK, EU and African markets. Fáilte Solar will be the headquarters to facilitate the sales of Borana Pumps.

Borana Pumps has announced a long-term partnership with Shannon-based company.

Abhilash Borana, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Fáilte Energy Solutions Ltd. said that the project is a boon to Ireland’s economy, which would create jobs in the solar industry and boost foreign export trade.

He stated that “it has always been his ambition to include his grandfather’s company Borana Pumps in the Fáilte Solar‘s portfolio and that both companies will provide both Solar Panels and Solar Pumps to make the world a greener place to live and enjoy”.

Ravi Borana, Managing Director, Borana Pumps, said, he believe this as an great opportunity to enter these markets.

It is an important tool to unite the two brands in the market and increase competitiveness to facilitate effective customer satisfaction, he added.

Fáilte Solar is a one-stop shopping experience for all solar products. It is one of the largest and fastest growing online wholesale stores with a spectrum of renewable energy, energy efficiency and off-grid living.

Ravi Borana said the company has everything it needs to reduce carbon emissions and to save money.  

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