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Inquiry against Varadkar raises the wall of crisis before Government and Fine Gael

DUBLIN: The Garda’s investigation into the document leak is building a wall of crisis before the government and Fine Gael.

Following the Garda’s criminal investigation into a government document leak, there has been mounting pressure on the Tánaiste to resign. Garda is investigating whether there was a breach of corruption law or official secrecy law behind the incident.

Meanwhile, party leaders have come out in support of Leo Varadkar. However, Mr. Varadkar is expected to face a major challenge in the coming days.

The subject of controversy is: The government’s new contract with the Irish Medical Association was leaked by Varadkar in April 2019 to Dr. Maitiú Ó Tuathaill, head of the National Association of General Practitioners.

Sinn Féin wants Varadkar to resign

Sinn Féin, the main opposition party, has taken a strong stance on Varadkar’s resignation. Sinn Féin had launched a vicious attack on Varadkar when the allegations first surfaced. Party leader Mary Lou McDonald has called for Varadkar to step down.

Simon Harris said the verdict should not be pronounced before the investigation

Meanwhile, Fine Gael party leaders, including Higher Education Minister Simon Harris, came out in strong support of Varadkar. Simon Harris has made it clear that there is no need for Varadkar to resign from his Government role in the name of leaking a document related to GP.

Simon Harris said the Opposition “have a job to do” and he does not believe Varadkar should resign, as he deserves due process. He also said that the government has a role to play in “in running the country”.

Mr Harris said: “I think it would not be helpful for anyone, particularly those of us in public office, to run an ongoing commentary on an ongoing garda investigation.

“The gardaí have a job to do, they have received a complaint. They need to be allowed to carry out that investigation without any interference or commentary from politicians like myself.

“We also have to recognise the importance of due process, there are a lot of people who rush to judgment and the right place for these issues to be examined is through the garda investigation, and let us see the outcome of that,” he added.

“Government has a huge body of work to do and we need to get through the Covid pandemic, reopen the country and the Tánaiste is heavily engaged in all of those issues and led our country through the first phase of the pandemic and now plays a leadership role in government again.” Mr. Harris said that he does not think the controversy would have an effect on the government’s actions.

“The Opposition has a job to do and I’m sure people expect me to come out here and score political points and I’m not interested in doing that,” he added.

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