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Inspirational and useful websites for those planning to travel by rail in Europe

Many Indians living in European nations have dreamed of travelling around Europe by rail at least once. There is no other form of transportation like rail to travel without emptying your wallet while enjoying natural beauty and understanding civilizations.

In addition, because of environmental concerns, rail travel is becoming a popular means of transportation in Europe. Most governments are heavily pushing rail travel since electric trains emit no greenhouse gases or pollution.

Rail travel is one of the cheapest methods of travel throughout Europe. Inter rail passes also provide access to 33 European nations, including the United Kingdom.

But how can you select the best routes and the cheapest tickets? There are numerous excellent websites accessible today that can give you important information before embarking on such a journey. Continue reading to find out which ones they are and to get more information.

Seat 61

“Seat 61” is a website that provides information about comfortable yet inexpensive train travel.

Customers can use the site to learn about train travel in Europe and use an advanced search system to identify available trains from each destination.

For example, if you search for trains from Salzburg to Italy, you’ll find routes to Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, and Naples, as well as information on when they arrive at each location and whether the Night Jet service includes amenities such as air conditioning, showers, room service, or sleeper systems.

Train Line

Train line is an international rail travel company. The company is based in the United Kingdom, but it covers train travel in 45 countries around Europe.

The website features a mechanism that finds the cheapest ticket rates on the given route, and it also promotes some fantastic deals, such as €7 tickets between Barcelona and Madrid and €20 tickets from Paris to Amsterdam. A website or app can be used to access train lines.

Rail Europe

Rail Europe is Europe’s largest provider of rail tickets, with a website that covers 25,000 locations and 11,000 lines across the continent.

Rail Europe’s search feature works similarly to other websites, and rail cards can be purchased straight from Rail Europe.

In addition, the site contains information on the most recent ticket releases and sales, such as special discounts on routes between Paris and Geneva.

On the website or app, users can now purchase tickets in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars (US, Canada, and Australia).

Inter rail

An Inter rail Pass is a rail card available to European residents, whereas an Eurail Pass is offered to people residing outside of Europe.

The passes are geared at travellers and individuals who spend a significant amount of time travelling across Europe.

The website provides information about the various Inter rail passes, such as the Global Pass, the One Country Pass, and the German Rail Pass.

Inter rail or Eurail passes can be purchased and bookings made via the Rail Planner app or the website.

National Rail Operators

In addition to the websites listed above, it is a good idea to visit the websites of each country’s national rail operators to get the lowest ticket prices and travel passes.

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