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International students, including Indians, are caught up in Ireland’s housing crisis

DUBLIN: Many international students, including Indians, are caught up in Ireland’s housing crisis. Students in Dublin, Galway and Limerick are the main victims. However, the government is taking a step to alleviate the situation.

Many students now have to stay in hotels at huge expense due to lack of accommodation. The Taoiseach says the government is monitoring whether universities and colleges are charging high rents to students, but things aren’t moving in that direction.

Students at the UCD campus are frustrated with rising rent, as the college is demanding a rent of €14,000 per year. Students who have to live in major cities like Dublin are well exploited. Many of the students who could not find accommodation are on the streets.

Dublin has the highest number of homeless students. Students who live in low-cost housing in the suburbs must travel up to four hours to college. Third level students in Limerick and elsewhere stay in hotels due to lack of accommodation. They are forced to stay in hotels or at friends’ homes because they cannot afford the rent.

Homelessness among students in the country is thought to have reached all-time highs. But the government does not accept any of this. But the government does not agree with any of this. The government claims that the number of homeless people has dropped by 23% since October 2019. However, opposition TDs point out that these figures are incorrect.

The Taoiseach told the Dáil that the government has given permission to colleges and universities to take loans in order to increase the supply of housing for international students. But, in reality, none of this is happening.

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