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“Ireland: Controversy Erupts Over Refugee Numbers – Who Bears Responsibility?”

Dublin: The intensifying dispute with the UK over migration through Northern Ireland has stirred confusion within Ireland’s ministerial ranks and bureaucratic circles.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee’s revelation that over 80% of refugees entering Ireland come via the Northern Ireland border has sparked debate. However, Deputy Prime Minister Micheál Martin contradicted this stance at the Britain-Ireland intergovernmental meeting, questioning the statistical accuracy.

Despite Minister McEntee’s insistence on the reality of the situation, human rights and refugee organisations have cast doubt on the validity of the figures. They argue that the government’s data lacks evidential basis, suggesting a discrepancy between official records and actual arrivals.

The Irish Refugee Council and the Administration of Justice have both voiced scepticism. Nick Henderson, CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, raised concerns about the methodology used to derive the 80% figure, highlighting nuances in the refugee journey that may not be captured in official statistics.

Director Daniel Holder of the Justice Administration echoed these doubts, urging cautious handling of the matter in light of past controversies. He referenced similar claims made by the British government in 2022 during the Rwanda policy implementation.

Despite scepticism, the Department of Justice stands by its estimates, citing insights from field personnel and interview data. Prime Minister Simon Harris reaffirmed this position, linking the figures to registrations at the International Protection Office (IPO) in Dublin.

Minister McEntee’s disclosure in a parliamentary committee escalated tensions further, prompting discussions with the British Home Secretary. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s declaration of no further dialogue halted proceedings, amplifying the controversy.

As the discourse continues, clarity remains elusive, leaving Ireland’s response to the migration challenge mired in uncertainty.

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