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Ireland Grants General Work Permit Holders Early Access to Stamp 4 Applications Before Contract Expiry

Dublin: The government has implemented a new directive altering the application period for Stamp 4 status, affecting all holders of general employment permits in Ireland, including healthcare assistants. Under this revision, general work permit holders who have completed 57 months of employment in the country are now eligible for Stamp 4 benefits. This regulation came into effect during the first week of April.

Previously, general work permit holders had to fulfil a 60-month requirement to attain Stamp 4 status. Consequently, they faced challenges when their previous Irish Residence Permit (IRP) cards expired, leaving them unable to renew their cards or continue working. This predicament is now resolved with the availability of Stamp 4 status after 57 months of employment. The amendment proves highly advantageous for the multitude of foreigners who entered the country on general employment permits. Justice Minister Helen McEntee has pledged to reassess the current situation following an application submitted by Overseas Health and Home Care in Ireland before committees tasked with reviewing Ireland’s work permit systems.

The trustees of Health Care and Home Care in Ireland, namely Bineesh Joseph, Preeti Krishnakumar, Libin Baby Thetayil, and Regi C. Jacob, extend their congratulations to the Justice Minister and the Government for honoring their commitment to general work permit holders. They express satisfaction that all general work permit holders stand to benefit significantly.

The Emigration Delivery Service previously issued a directive clarifying that employees residing in the country with critical skills and Stamp 1/1H permission are eligible for a stamp upgrade after completing 21 months of employment. This benefit, announced last October, applies to categories such as Critical Skills Employment Permits, researchers with hosting contracts, and non-consultant hospital doctors.

However, it’s important to note that the eligibility criteria for the fourth category are not interchangeable with the other three categories. There have been no changes to the required documentation for registration.

Employment can commence in the country based on employment details summaries available on the Revenue website and My Account. Some individuals may initiate employment under other permits and subsequently transition to Stamp 1 status. The notification also specifies that, in such cases, the counting of days begins from the date of registration of the initial permit.

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