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Ireland is preparing to strengthen trade ties with Asian countries, including India

Ireland is preparing to strengthen business ties with Asian countries, including India. Prime Minister Micheál Martin has said he wants to trade 100 billion with the Asia-Pacific region by 2025.

He added that Ireland’s membership in the UN Security Council would go a long way in strengthening ties in the region. The Prime Minister was addressing the Virtual Global Asia Matters Summit on Friday.

He made it clear that he was looking for various ways to strengthen Ireland’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region. A new consulate in Mumbai and the Manila embassy in the Philippines will open next year as part of this.

State agencies have opened new offices in several places, including Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

In January, the government adopted an Asia-Pacific strategy to develop political and economic ties.

Martin said he expects a large number of travelers and students from Asia. The government aims to revive bilateral trade, despite pandemic obstacles.

According to the guidelines, there are plans to launch new flights from Ireland to Asian countries and to include more Asian languages ​​in Ireland’s Living Cert test subjects. Appropriate activities will be set up in the tourism sector as well.

The two-way trade is targeted at 100 billion euros by 2025. Membership in the United Nations Security Council with countries such as India, Vietnam, and China will further enhance high-level political ties across the Asia-Pacific region.

Covid-19 has had an economic impact on Ireland but the GDP ratio is smaller than it was during the financial crisis, said Bob Koopman, chief economist at the World Trade Organization.

He expressed hope that Ireland would move forward quickly and overcome the challenges.

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