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Ireland might not experience a large increase in Covid cases during winter, said Paul Reid

Paul Reid, HSE chief executive Paul Reid said that no one can predict the increasing number of Covid-19 cases during the winter.

Mr. Reid said that at present he doesn’t see a massive increase in the number of covid cases at the moment, because people are cooperating with the government policies.

He also pointed out the concerns over the ‘multi-lag’ effect. The increased number of cases in younger people progresses into a surge in cases among people aged over 65.

He also said that for the past one week the number of infected persons is going upwards even though the number of social contacts and positivity rate are getting minimized.

He added that NPHET study showed that the numbers of cases we would see rising through November would’ve put the country at huge risk if the situation had continued without a change.

He also said that older people are getting worst affected by the virus in Europe, their affected number and hospitalisation numbers have got higher. Thus, he warns people of Ireland to be vigilant as well.

Reid also shared the hope that if the country can sustain the progress made in the last week and reverse the trend in the coming weeks, then it will add a significant positive impact to the health service over winter.

The number of cases in Ireland since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic has now exceeded 60,000.

At present there are 327 patients with COVID-19 in hospitals, with 43 in intensive care units.

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