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Ireland needs 100,000 workers; everyone who is healthy here is engaged!

Dublin: Ireland is not getting enough skilled workers even as it becomes a gateway to Europe, a study finds.

Employers are still competing for skilled workers. There is a labour shortage not only in the health and finance sectors but also in the construction sector. The exorbitant cost of living, however, causes even those who want to come from abroad to reconsider their decision.

Specifically, government inaction in the housing sector has resulted in up to 40% of each worker’s income being devoted to rent or mortgage payments.

Lack of salary is also cited as a reason for not getting workers, even in important sectors like teaching.

Right now, there are massive labour shortages not only in health, education, and childcare but also in the armed forces and the hospitality industry. We’ve excluded retail jobs because representatives can’t quantify the shortage.

The latest CSO data reveals that 74.2 percent of the total population, aged between 15 and 64, is currently employed. With the exception of 4.1 percent who are absent for other reasons, all those able to work are included in this list. The unemployment phenomenon is changing in Ireland. Ireland has moved to the need to recruit new workers from abroad.

The hospitality industry is experiencing a labour shortage, with chefs, kitchen staff, and waiters leaving in droves as a result of the lockdown. Restaurant Association of Ireland representative Adrian Cummins said there was a shortage of 30,000 workers, including 4,000 chefs.

While the INMO claims that hospitals are short about 2,000 nurses, this figure does not include nurses and care workers in the private sector.

A further 3,600 medics are needed, including 2,000 hospital consultants and 1,600 GPs, the Irish Medical Organisation said in the study.

This boom is causing a labour shortage in all sectors as public institutions and private companies struggle to fill positions. It is now relatively easy for international students to find employment.

Estimates predict that there will be 100,000 vacancies this year in key job sectors alone.

The Irish government is looking to address the labour crisis by providing more housing, relaxing immigration laws, and speeding up visa processing.

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