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Ireland needs to find better ways to deal with illegal drug use states Prime Minister

DUBLIN: The Prime Minister’s statement that Ireland needs to find better ways to tackle illicit drug use raises many questions. The public suspects that behind this announcement is the desire to follow the new trend of legalising drug use.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar made controversial remarks at a meeting to form a new Citizens’ Assembly to look into issues related to illicit drug use. Observers also question whether such a viewpoint should have been stated in advance during the first meeting’s introductory speech. On Saturday, the first meeting was held in Malahide, Dublin. The prime minister made the potentially controversial remarks in a recorded speech ahead of the meeting.

Varadkar stated that there is a need to find a better solution to the problems caused by illegal drug use, and he suggested that changes and lessons be seen, heard, and learned from around the world.

The Prime Minister proposed that the international perspective on the effects of drug decriminalisation be considered. Laws and decriminalisations in countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, and Portugal should be understood. It should be studied to see if it has improved or harmed things. All of these suggestions should be made.

According to the Prime Minister, Ireland’s drug problem affects many individuals, families, and communities. “A large number of people are addicted to drugs.” Many families have lost loved ones as a result of drug abuse. “People in towns and villages live in fear of the drug mafia,” said the Prime Minister.

The assembly is chaired by former HSE boss Paul Reid. The assembly consists of 99 elected citizens. The Assembly’s review report is due to be submitted to the Parliamentary Committee by the end of this year. The assembly is expected to make changes to three areas: legislation, policy and operations, and service delivery.

President Paul Reid said that such discussions have never happened in the history of the country. Therefore, there should be a national debate as part of this. Reid stated that there should be recommendations derived from it.

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