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Ireland opens chances for getting high salaries in the field of IT and finance; Nearly 5% increment in the last one year.

Dublin: According to the government statistics the salary of an employee in Ireland is an average of €48,204. But the data from the Central Statistical Office says that employees in most of the sectors are working on lower or minimum wages.

The report also points out that the wage difference between employees in the country is segregated into different categories such that affect the standard of living.

Employees form the IT sector earns the highest salary. Immigrants from other countries like India are now considered as the elite employees of Ireland.

The average salary of an IT employee in Ireland is €65,815 and there has been an increment of 5% over the last one year.

Financial sector is an area which employs a large number of Indian, it is also the next highly paid sector after IT in Ireland. The average annual salary earned by those working in the financial / insurance sectors is, €64,856.

Wages in the food / retail sector did not increase significantly last year either. Despite a 1.6 per cent increase in total wages last year, the total salary of those working in the sector is €26683.

The construction sector grew by 4 per cent last year and reached at a level, where the average salary is €44,264.

Even after the average salary rose to 48,204 with an average increase of 2.5%, the vast majority of workers in the country still earn less than 30,000 euros a year.

The cost of living in the housing and retail sectors is higher than that of the increased wages.

The shortage of skilled workers is one of the reasons for the continuous rise in wages in the IT and finance sectors.

Government figures show that there are job opportunities for skilled workers in various engineering and hotel industries.

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