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Ireland Proposes Speed Limit Changes: 30 km/h in Urban Areas

In a significant overhaul of speed limits, Ireland is set to recommend a 30 km/h speed limit for various roads across the country. This initiative, one of the most extensive in Ireland’s history, will encompass urban centres, residential streets, and areas with high pedestrian and cyclist activity. Notably, this will encompass numerous parts of Dublin and town and city centres throughout the nation.

These recommendations are part of a speed limit review scheduled by the Department of Transport, as revealed by The Journal. The proposed changes also entail exceptions, suggesting a 50 km/h speed limit for national, regional, arterial, and key public transport routes. Some ‘transitional’ routes will have a 60 km/h limit, while higher limits will persist on motorways, select dual carriageways, and main routes.

In rural regions, the report proposes maintaining current default speed limits for most rural roads but lowering them to 80 km/h on national secondary roads, where the current limit stands at 100 km/h. Furthermore, on local roads, the limit may decrease from 80 km/h to 60 km/h on various routes.

The government’s perspective is that while reduced speed limits can contribute to lowering road traffic accidents, their effectiveness hinges on their simultaneous implementation with a robust communication campaign and rigorous enforcement measures. To bolster enforcement, there are considerations for a nationwide deployment of average speed cameras and elevated penalties for drivers.

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