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Ireland to Introduce Digital Driving Licenses by Year-End….

Dublin: Ireland is set to roll out digital driving licenses by the end of this year. Government and transport officials have been testing the new digital system since the beginning of the year, marking a significant step towards modernising the country’s licensing process.

Digital and Physical Options Available

Drivers in Ireland will have the option to apply for a digital license, which can be stored in a wallet app on their smartphones. The traditional plastic credit card-style licenses will still be available for those who prefer a physical copy, which can be kept at home.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

It remains a legal requirement in Ireland to produce a driving license when requested by the Gardaí. If drivers do not have their physical license with them, they must present it at a Garda station within 10 days.

Inspiration from France

Ireland’s move to digital licenses follows a similar initiative in France. In February, France introduced a digital driver’s license system using the Identite app. This French model has served as an inspiration for Ireland’s transition to a digital licensing system.

With the introduction of digital driving licenses, Ireland aims to streamline the licensing process, making it more convenient for drivers while maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

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