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Ireland to introduce New Law, full refund if train is delayed by one hour…

Dublin: In response to widespread concerns over train delays, Ireland has enacted legislation aimed at enhancing passenger rights and bolstering confidence in public transportation. The Improved Rail Passenger Bill, spearheaded by Senator John McGahon of Fine Gael, introduces a comprehensive refund system for train passengers facing disruptions to their journeys.

Under this new law, passengers delayed by more than an hour will be entitled to a full refund of their ticket price. Additionally, partial refunds will be granted according to the duration of the delay: 25 percent for delays lasting between 20 to 39 minutes, and 50 percent for delays spanning 40 to 59 minutes.

The primary objective of this legislation is to address a common grievance among passengers regarding punctuality issues within the rail network. By providing tangible recourse for passengers affected by delays, the government aims to improve the operational efficiency of Irish Rail and foster greater trust in the public transport system.

Senator McGahon underscored the importance of restoring public confidence in public transportation by ensuring punctuality and reliability. He emphasised that, while financial compensation is a necessary measure to mitigate the impact of delays, the ultimate goal should be to prevent disruptions and cancellations altogether. The senator stressed the need for ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of train services, thereby instilling greater assurance among passengers and facilitating seamless travel experiences.

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