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Ireland Witnesses Surge in Applications for Cost-Rental Homes Amid Controversy

Dublin: In a span of two weeks, Dublin and Kildare authorities have received over 5,000 applications for 535 upcoming cost-rental homes, sparking a wave of hopeful applicants seeking affordable housing options. The overwhelming response has led to the necessity of a lottery system in some locations to determine the beneficiaries.

However, amidst the rush for cost-rental homes, Sinn Féin has raised allegations of fraud within the cost-rental scheme, asserting that exorbitant rents are being charged. Despite the controversy, 621 homes have been allocated in Dublin and Kildare as part of the Land Development Agency’s Tosaigh Initiative, offering rents at a 25% reduction from the current market rates. Eligible applicants for the cost-rental scheme are those with a household income below €66,000 in Dublin and €59,000 outside the capital.

As part of the Housing for All progress report, Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien announced the provision of 3,000 affordable cost rental homes at a cost of €600 million. The minister highlighted that a total of 32,695 homes were distributed in 2023, surpassing the target of 29,000 by 10%.

Noteworthy Housing Application Numbers:

1. Barnwell Point, Hansfield, Dublin 15: Received 3,351 applications for 247 homes in one week, with rents ranging from €1,050 for a studio to €1,400 for a double-bed apartment.

2. Leixlip, Kildare Harpur Lane: 1,269 applications for 52 cost rental apartments, featuring rents of €357 for a single bed and €1,585 for a double.

3. The Quarter, Citywest, Dublin 24: 456 applications in two days for 236 apartments with rents at €1,390 for a single, €1,580 for a double, and €1,750 for a triple bed apartment.

4. Dun Oir, Kilternan, Dublin: Accepting applications for 86 apartments with rents at €1,300 for a single bed and €1,450 for a double.

Despite the government’s claim of surpassing last year’s housing target, the figures reveal a persistent demand for emergency accommodation. In the past month, 13,318 individuals, including 3,962 children, sought emergency housing, with a marginal decrease from the previous month. Critics, including Sinn Féin, question the efficacy of the cost-rental scheme, emphasising the need for truly affordable housing options in Ireland.

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