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Ireland’s Gas-Powered Surge: 55% of Electricity Fueled by Gas

Dublin: In spite of the prevailing energy crisis, Ireland has witnessed a notable surge in the utilisation of natural gas. During the month of September, natural gas played a pivotal role in generating 55% of the nation’s electricity, marking a substantial 12% increase compared to the same period in the previous year.

Gas Networks Ireland has also highlighted a discernible uptick in the demand for natural gas, demonstrating a 6% rise when juxtaposed with the corresponding timeframe in the preceding year. Although there was an 11% decline in gas consumption between August and September, the trend reversed in September, with increased gas usage observed across all sectors.

Remarkably, there has been an 85% surge in gas utilisation within the air transport sector when compared to figures from 2021. Additionally, the retail sector experienced a robust growth of 27%, the leisure and sports sector witnessed a commendable 25% rise in gas demand, and the hotel sector displayed a noteworthy increase of 15% in gas consumption during the same month. Ultimately, in September, natural gas played a dominant role in the generation of 55% of the nation’s electricity.

In the month of September, wind energy contributed significantly to Ireland’s electricity generation, accounting for 25% of the total. This represents a substantial increase of 19% compared to the same period in the previous year. Moreover, it’s worth noting that coal-fired electricity generation also experienced a notable uptick, registering a 10% increase when compared to August figures.

Data provided by Gas Networks Ireland reveals that in various regions of the country, a substantial 81% of electricity generation is sourced from natural gas. Furthermore, these statistics underscore the resilience of gas as an energy source, with the share of electricity derived from gas remaining consistently above 16% throughout the entirety of September.

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