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Ireland’s Growing Diversity: Reflect a Changing Nation

Ireland is undergoing a notable transformation, steadily evolving into a more diverse nation, with non-Irish citizens constituting 12 percent of its population.

According to data from the Central Statistics Office’s 2022 Census, a total of 630,000 individuals residing in the country exclusively identified themselves with a nationality other than Irish. This marks a significant increase from the figure of 535,475 recorded in the 2016 Census. Concurrently, the percentage of residents who exclusively identified as “Irish only” witnessed a 3 percent decline, while those with dual Irish nationality experienced a 1 percent increase.

The most prominent groups among non-Irish residents include Polish and UK citizens, followed closely by individuals from India, Romania, and Lithuania. Although the numbers within the Polish, Lithuanian, and UK communities have exhibited a decline, there has been a noteworthy surge in the population of Indian nationals, growing from 20,969 to 56,642. Similarly, the Romanian community increased from 28,702 to 42,460, and Brazilians saw a substantial rise from 15,796 to 39,556.

Why do people immigrate to Ireland?

Favourable Student Visa Policies: Ireland offers Indian students on student visas the opportunity to remain in the country for two years following the completion of their courses. This inclusive approach grants them immediate access to the same benefits as Irish citizens, fostering a sense of belonging and integration without experiencing discrimination.

Abundant Career Opportunities: Ireland has emerged as a thriving IT hub, providing ample career prospects for skilled workers. The country’s commitment to professional growth and financial advancement makes it an attractive destination for individuals seeking to progress in their careers.

Cultural Support: Organisations like the Centre for Creative Practices actively promote and support migrant artists and intercultural arts in Ireland. This cultural inclusivity enriches the immigrant experience and contributes to a vibrant and diverse artistic landscape in the country.

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