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Ireland’s housing crisis; certain harsh truths

Dublin: As per the latest news, the administration is to blame for Ireland’s unresolved housing crisis. Many of the landowners in the country are senators and TDs. They should be in charge of resolving the housing crisis in this country. But due to vested interests, the government is trying to keep this issue alive. Many issues concerning political and social values are addressed here.

This presence of landlord TDs and senators is thought to have had a detrimental effect on housing policy-making. The policy focuses more on the needs of landlords and property investors rather than those who have been renting for years.

Income from rental houses and the fact that they are land owners are being hidden here. RTB is silent against them. There is a condition of fence eating the crop.

The majority of TDs are landowners. They own multiple houses and earn a lot of money by renting them out. However, it is being cheated by not being included in the Dail Income Register. The TDs who officially disclose that they have rental buildings are not recorded in the income column. More than 2600 euros in earnings should be recorded here. They arose as a result of the country’s housing crisis and high rents. Also, the role of various schemes such as HAPRAS, etc.

According to the 2022 census, there are approximately 35,000 vacant houses. There is some question as to whether this includes the houses of these TDs. That is why there is criticism that they are obstructing the introduction of vacant property taxes.

As the income of one group increases, that of the other decreases. This creates huge inequality. The country pays rent to 100,000 landlords. This costs the government one billion euros per year. It is also pointed out that a quarter of the government’s housing budget goes into the pockets of private landlords.

The government’s laxity in the construction of social housing is paving the way for landlords to raise rents. Rental properties are required by law to be registered with the RTB. Failure to do so constitutes a criminal offence. The law stipulates a six-month prison sentence and a fine of up to 4,000 euros.

But to date, no one has been punished for this law violation. It is also very remarkable that TDs and ministers who are supposed to implement this law are violating it.

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