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Irish government says there is no other option but to leave young people to die if the current practice continues

Against the background of continuous COVID control violations, the government issued an ultimatum to the young people of Ireland.

The government has warned that if the current trend continues, there will be no other option but to leave the youth to die. Acting CMO Dr. Ronan Glynn and Professor Philip Nolan issued a stern warning to the youth.

Covid control is not a strategy adopted only in this country. It is the most basic preventive measure adopted worldwide. Be prepared to comply with it — both say. If continues to violate the COVID rules and regulations, they will have to face serious repercussions.

To avoid lockdown, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, a form of defense that protects the vulnerable by transmitting the virus to the able-bodied were tested in UK. But it got failed. It also made it difficult to save the elderly and the weak from disease. After that UK ended the experiment. Trying to implement it here again is stupid.

Only by minimizing contact can the virus and disease be prevented. Lockdown can also be avoided through strict controls. It can also develop natural immunity against the disease. But undisciplined living and breaching of rules can make matters worse.

There is no guarantee that herd immunity will work, said NPHET’s epidemiological modelling advisory group chair Professor Philip Nolan.

The HSE Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Colm Henry said that allowing viruses to spread in the name of herd immunity would jeopardize the safety of those living in nursing homes. Isolating the elderly and allowing them to defend themselves is not the approach of a civilized society, Henry said.

Addressing TDs, former chief epidemiologist for Sweden and senior World Health Organization figure Dr. Johann Giesecke said that acquired immunity was not a goal or strategy in Sweden.

“I do not agree with the zero-covid approach.  I do not believe it is possible or feasible as a solution.  We would need to do it in each country in the world.  Otherwise, it cannot work. New Zealand managed to go without any cases for 102 days and then had quite an outbreak,” he added.

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